Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

I was so lucky to have been able to spend new years with my love. 

I have truly always loved the idea of setting resolutions for each new year yet, sadly, I have never actually done it. I have decided to change that this year...can I count this as already completing a resolution?! I think so. I like the idea of actually writing down your resolutions somewhere to look back on throughout the year, to visualize and maybe even add some new ones along the way as each year becomes influential in many unpredictable ways. So, here is my first attempt at documenting my new years resolutions. 2012 will, no doubt, be an amazing and exciting year for me in many ways.

2012 Resolutions

Document my New Years Resolutions

Save Money: Self explanatory and very necessary. 

Buy Only What I LOVE: Some may think that this should be a sub-category of "Save Money" but, you see, this is a problem of its own. The excitement I get from a new item of clothing is abnormal and I, therefore, buy clothes just to simply have something new. While I have gotten much wiser throughout the years, my impulse to buy clothes without absolutely loving the item is much too strong. 

Be Thankful: I feel so blessed for many reasons and I hope to never live a moment of which takes these  many blessings for granted. I know at times I need to slow down and reflect {literally, in my head} on everything I have to be thankful for and all that I have to look forward to. I find myself doing this more each day and it simply makes me smile and creates a feeling of being so truly content with the moment, knowing I need nothing more. 

Expect Nothing, Live Frugally on Surprise: This is a quote that I found a few years ago and it has stuck with me throughout my minor obsession with inspirational quotations. To me, it is a simple, strong and clear message. This year, I aim to actually begin living this notion without thought. 

Be Productive: I am currently working on my masters degree of which will be completed in May and, while I am already a bit OCD when it comes to school, I feel that I could still manage my time in a more productive manner. This also includes less time stressing out about the little things and more time enjoying the journey of being a student again.

Be Healthy: I am a very active person but sometimes use that as an excuse to make some poor decisions with my food. While there are still some things I am not willing to compromise on {coffee creamer, a glass of wine at night and the occasional burger and fries :)} I know I need to improve in small ways. Lunch is a must this year, no skipping meals! I will also work on having small, healthy snacks on hand throughout the day. 

Be Creative: This blog will step in as one of my most important creative outlets this year. I hope to purchase a new camera so that I can take higher quality pictures of the many moments I wish to document on here. One post per day.

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