Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Honeymoon: Mexico Style

One of the things I focused on most while planning for my wedding was what I was going to wear on our honeymoon in Todos Santos. I found and packed beautiful dresses, outfits for romatic dinners and fun shoes and accessories (what was I thinking?!). When we actually embarked on our amazing honeymoon at the unbelievable Arriba de la Roca, what was it that I turned to every day? It was my most simple and functional pieces; solid suits, simple cover-ups and tunics, a great pair of sunglasses, a panama hat, head wraps and Havaianas. My warm-weather honeymoon advice? Pack light, explore and soak it all in.

My honeymoon essentials: Forever 21 White cover-up, VS Striped cover-up, VS Black tunic cover-up, All swimsuits are VS, Panama Hat (similar here) and Havaianas.
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  1. looks like a great honeymoon! congratulations on your wedding!!

    love from NYC,



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  2. These are so sweet! Congratulations!

    You look amazing in sunglasses.


    1. Thank you, Isa! The sunglasses are Marc Jacobs :) Looking forward to checking out your blog.